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What is BOGA?

BOGA is a multimedia system for learning Euskara through the Internet.
To use it, all you have to do is connect Internet and insert a CD into your computer.
BOGA covers all the levels of euskaldunización (the process of learning basque) and is divided into five courses:

Each course is divided into 15 units and each unit into 10 sessions. Each session consists of about thirty activities and as you complete them you will progress through the course. The activities require such tasks as filling the blanks, underlining, multliple choice, choosing true/false, placing words in proper order, and matching pairs. Once all the activities of the session are complete, the system will give you an exam. If you pass, you proceed to the next session and if not, it will offer you a review session. Furthermore, you can preview the sessions and depending on your level of expertise, your teacher has the option, if it is considered appropriate, to customize the course just for you.
I would like to use BOGA
To be able to use BOGA you need a password, which will be given to you when you complete the enrolment form through a Basque Learning Academy -euskaltegi-). You will receive 4 CDs for each course. Once you have your password and the CDs, the BOGA Euskara course will be administered by two means: On-line activities, (you will need to be connected all the time you are studing) and you will insert the corresponding multimedia CD into your computer drive. This way, you will obtain optimal speed because the activities will be corrected immediately upon completion, and having the CDs affords you the luxury of not having to wait to download the multimedia information from the Internet. Essay questions, summaries, and evaluations will be sent directly to the teaching staff for processing.

BOGA is available in some Basque Learning Academies (Euskaltegis) and Basque Houses (Euskal Etxeak). Choose the location most convenient to you:
- Español
- Français
- English
- Euskaraz